Rare Variety Demonstration in Kanakapura – 2020-21

Rare Variety Demonstration is the process of demonstrating phenotypes (varieties) of different crops like Millets, Finger Millets, Paddy, Oil Seeds and other seeds to the community to enable them to select seeds for further propagation based on their preferences or choice of…

Seed Fair

Traditional seed fair was celebrated in Tamil Nadu, Pudukkottai district on 08-05-2018.GREEN Foundation and Vrutti jointly worked with three FPOs to set up a Community Seed Bank called Makarantham Community Seed Bank. Makarantham CSB members fully participated and…

Marketing, Exhibition and Events 2018

We have taken many activities in order to create market linkages with GF farmer’s products which are produced by different producer groups from gross root level. We participated in sale-cum-exhibition event at different places in Bangalore. One of the programmes was…

Rare Variety demonstration

RVD for Raagi was done at Veerayanadoddi, Hunusanahalli cluster. It was done on 10 Guntas (0.25 acre) of land. Raagi seeds were collected from various seed banks and 92 varieties were selected for RVD. Then nursery for Raagi was prepared, seeds were sown and covered with vermicompost…

Open University Workshop

The research helped to explore a strong interdisciplinary framework, in particular the various aspects of history in the farming culture, also documented the creative and sustainable community farming practices both past and present…

KISAN 2015 – Indian Agriculture Trade Fair

GREEN Foundation and Janadhanya Farmers Federation participated in the KISAN Fair that was held at Bangalore International Exhibition Center from February 9th -11th 2015. This event was supported by Ministry of Agriculture, Govt.

Rare Variety Demonstration – A Visit

The modern agricultural trend enhanced the erosion of agro biodiversity resulting in loss of valuable traditional crops and varietal local indigenous seeds.

Urban Krishi Mela 2014

GREEN Foundation participated in the Annual Urban Krishi Mela held by University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore(UAS-B) at GKVK Campus, Bangalore from November 19th to 21st.

Reaping the Organic Crops with Big Smiles

The Savyava Bhagya Yojane(Organic Village Program) was initiated in 5 villages of Kanakapura during the beginning of this year in collaboration with the Karnataka State Agriculture Department. Janadhanya Farmers Federation supplied