Agrobiodiversity Conservation

Conservation of indigenous seed varieties has been at the core of GREEN Foundation’s work since 1994

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is the production of plant and animal products in a way that uses farming techniques to protect the environment…


A collaborative approach which involves farmers and other stakeholders in verifying the authenticity of organic produce

Research and Communication

Policy Engagement

Focus on policies on issues, the Foundation’s stand on each of those policy areas with reasons, and the work undertaken during the year under this component.
Marketing, Exhibition and Events 2018

Marketing, Exhibition and Events 2018

We have taken many activities in order to create market linkages with GF farmer’s products which are produced by different producer groups from gross root level. We participated in sale-cum-exhibition event at different places in Bangalore. One of the programmes  was...

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Seed Fair

Seed Fair

Traditional seed fair was celebrated in Tamil Nadu, Pudukkottai district on 08-05-2018.GREEN Foundation and Vrutti jointly worked with three FPOs to set up a Community Seed Bank called Makarantham Community Seed Bank. Makarantham CSB members fully participated and...

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GREEN Foundation works toward a well-preserved, diverse ecosystem that will sustain the rural livelihoods of the present generation without eroding the resource base of the future.

Conserve local seed diversity, promote an increased reliance on biodiversity-based ecological agriculture, and use these as foundations for endogenous growth and development of rural communities.

Create a gender-sensitive environment that enhances women’s leadership skills.

Contribute to livelihoods by creatively marketing “value-added” cultivated and wild agricultural biodiversity.

Connect the natural elements—soil, water, air, sunlight, and seed—to ensure an abundance of nutritious food and other basic community needs.

Continue to nurture community participation and assist in building robust community institutions.