Neelamma is a small farmer from Veerainathoddi village in Karnataka’s Ramanagara district. She owns 3 acres of land and her family, which comprises 6 members, depends on farming for their livelihoods. Neelamma has been a shareholder of Janadhanya Farmer Producer Company Ltd. since 2016. 

She cultivates ragi on her rainfed land but is unable to generate a profit from it due to various reasons such as erratic rainfall.

Vrutti (, the partner of GREEN Foundation supports farming communities in this geography to build their wealth and resilience through livelihood support.  Combining promotion of sustainable farming and enterprise development, Vrutti with the funding help of Moody’s supports farming communities in Kanakapura, Ramanagara District.  As a part of this initiative, Neelamma was selected by the farmers collective Janadhanya (, to get support under this programme.   Facilitated by the field team of Vrutti and GREEN Foundation, Neelamma bought a Cow in June 2020, with financial support of Rs. 15,000 from the initiative.  She was trained on various aspects of managing a cow and running this as a viable enterprise unit.  In addition, she was linked to the local milk cooperative under the Karnataka Milk Federation, where she sells milk at the rate of Rs.29 per litre.

Currently, Neelamma gets on an average a net income of Rs 3,240 per month from milk sales and an additional Rs 250 per month from selling bio slurry which is used in households with biogas for cooking; a total additional income of around Rs 3,490 to the family every month. With this experience and realising the potential, Neelamma is now confident of running this enterprise well.  She is looking at increasing the number of animals to further income and become resilient.